Combining elements of Kundalini Vinyasa & Ashtanga, you are sure to feel challenged centered & refreshed by the end of this 90 minute class.

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Offering a wide variety of instruction specific to Yoga & Meditation, here is a small sample.  Call or email for more details and information.  Talk with you soon!



Kundalini Yoga

Mudra, Mantra & Breath of Fire all taught & practiced here.  Join us!


We are all looking for a looking for a little more peace.  Learn the basics of Mindfulness and Meditation minus the mystery here.  Already have a practice?  Equip yourself with the techniques to deepen your discipline.  Group or individual classes available.

Yoga + Meditation + More


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healing house yoga


​First time or new to yoga? FogaNogaYoga is for you! 3, 6 & 9 week courses give you easy to follow introductions to Kundalini, Hatha & Vinyasa styles of yoga. Join us & see which you like best!

Teacher Training

Looking to teach others or simply deepen your practice, this is for you.  Join us!

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