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What are the best practices that can sustain Policy, Systems and Environmental changes that occur with greater emphasis on Mindfulness and Movement? Through on-site consultation/residencies and workshops, our goal is to provide the sustainable change that improves organizational performance and culture.


Inspire and lead while avoiding the pitfalls that may come with infusing shame and fear. Your voice remains your own as you are reminded how to recognize and call out the deepest strengths of your team as they meet each new challenge.



Whether it is simply a personal practice or an organizational need, Healing House Yoga LLC provides guidance in establishing reflective practices that are accessible to all regardless of background. Emphasis is placed on decreasing emotional dysregulation and reactivity.

Mindful Movement never has to seem exotic. From an easily recognizable Hatha Yoga practice to much more subtle movement that can be seamlessly integrated into the day, Healing House Yoga LLC works with you to design intentional movements that get people moving, focused and productive.

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A lifelong meditator, William Drew, simply known as “Drew,” is the founder & owner of Healing House Yoga LLC. As a Mindfulness-Based Performance Coach Drew focuses on seamlessly integrating Mindfulness/Mindful Movement into the workday

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