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"It was the most personally rewarding class I have taken to improve my teaching. As a teacher I wrote fewer disciplinary referrals, because I was more likely to take a breath or come up with an alternative solution. It was a really effective way of improving students' concentration and focus."

          - Sara, Middle School Educator. Brooklyn Center MN

"We were taught how to teach others how to be more aware. I wish every teacher had an opportunity to do this. It was my opportunity to learn how to be a better me!"

          - Esther, ESL Educator. Orlando FL

"(This has) helped me... create the things that may be missing, whether that's smiles or deep breaths or just silence."

          - Lily, Community Education. Minneapolis MN

Healing House Yoga LLC


Healing House Kundalini Yoga LLC

William Drew, Founder

After receiving my certification in Kundalini Yoga, I founded Healing House Yoga LLC as a brick and mortar yoga studio. Two years later, I moved from Kansas City MO to Minneapolis MN.

Shortly after settling in to the move, the opportunity to teach not only yoga but mindfulness and meditation in public schools (grades 6-12) presented itself. Perhaps more rewarding than being able to share concepts and techniques is the knowledge that educators have another set of strategies that may be used in the classroom to improve engagement while students are reminded of the power they have and can use to better self-regulate.

The concepts and techniques I share have a wide range of applications. Not just in the field of education, but health care, law enforcement and finance to name just a few. 

Whatever your chosen profession, our mission is to renew purpose, passion and joy to your life. Both on and off the clock. Together, let's share a journey towards our best selves!

Be well.

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Each company, each individual is unique. There is only one you and one-size-fits-all approaches will never help your organization reach its full potential. Within the framework of Mindfulness and Movement we deliver custom solutions that address policy, systems and environment. Tailored to you- your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Whether through workshops or residencies, contact us for a better idea of how we may best serve you. Looking forward to sharing the journey together!