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Whether it is Kundalini, Healing-Flow or FOGANOGAYOGA there is something for every body!


Whether you are looking to teach or simply deepen your practice, join us for an experience that will change your life!


Active Recess,  Yoga-Based Movement in the classroom, Mindfulness in the School & Mindful Leadership are just a few of the consulting services offered. 

Lectures & 


In person or via Skype/Webinar the MIA(Mindfulness/Intention/Activity) program can be tailored in its presentation. Your audience will always  receive exposure to the core concepts of MindBody Wellness MIA embodies including but not limited to 

  •  Yoga/Mindfulness as  Social Emotional Learning(SEL) Strategies.
  • Yoga/Mindfulness-Based Strategies to decrease stress & increase coping ability.
  • Mindfulness/Meditation as a strategy to recognize & change Self Talk.
  • Mindfulness/Meditation as a strategy to recognize & shift Strong Emotion.
  • Increase Equity through Yoga-Based Movement & Meditation.

Sharing Yoga and Meditation with ALL.  JOIN US!  Call for scheduling & pricing details   (612)730-9762