When asked at the end of the year, “chill time” and reflection was needed/desired by students. It helped them feel more focused and ready to learn. Between 73 and 100% of students said that “chill time” helped them relax and feel focused in an 8th-grade science class. In a 7th-grade science class, 85% of students said they agreed or strongly agreed that reflection/mindfulness helped them. These strategies helped with behavior management in the classroom, giving students another tool to use when feeling stressed/anxious/upset. Teachers have spoken out about their appreciation for using mindful movement in class both for themselves and for their students. Mindful movement helps us do a better job of teaching. It gives time to just breathe, relax and become more proactive than reactive. It allows teachers time to reflect on their own emotional state and be aware of how their emotions affect the classroom climate. Mindful movement has most helped students who don’t often get a quiet space. It also benefitted introverted students and students who just need some time to focus their energies.

– Carrie O, 8th Grade Science Educator